Tuvia Eiger - Chairman

Tuvia Eiger, Chairman and CEO of BE LABS. Mr. Eiger has held several positions of significance in the RF field and as a scientist has extensive experience in research, design and management.

Eiger has spent a great deal of time in spread spectrum wireless communications, especially in the breakthrough designs of W-CDMA (Wide Band Code Division Multiple Access) systems. Read More

Joseph Garodnick - Executive Advisor

Joseph Garodnick, Ph.D., is a senior advisor to BE Labs and has numerous notable accomplishments in the wireless communications industry.

Dr. Garodnick founded Widax Corporation – the developer of advanced high-speed wireless Internet access products and systems, and was the company’s President and CEO. Read More

Uriel Berchin - President

Uriel Berchin, President of BE LABS, Inc., is a seasoned leader and scientist. Mr. Berchin has extensive experience with, and knowledge of, digital systems design, W-CDMA design, Microprocessors, Micro-controllers, DSP (Digital Signal Processor), ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) designs and embedded software. Read More

Lou Weiss - VP of administration

As head of marketing for BE LABS, Lou has been instrumental in identifying and developing key business relationships and partnerships for the company while positioning the company with investors, partners, and potential customers. Read More

Nick Rini - Advisor

Nick Rini is founder and Executive Vice President at Selleration Games, Inc. Mr. Rini has held a variety of leadership positions in his 25 year tenure in the technology industry. Read More